Take part in SDGs by supporting refurbished iPhone

What is SDGs?

You have probably heard the phrase of “SDGs” from media by now. The SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted by the United Nation in 2015, aiming to end extreme poverty, to provide equality, and to protect the planet by 2030 and pass it forward to next generations.

To achieve the goals, civil societies and multinational companies play very important roles. In particular, growing power of multinational companies has led to create new institutions, such as UN Global Compact and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), for setting more global standards. Although there are some criticisms for not having sanctions for violators, 81% of the members acknowledged the progress in sustainable business practices

How does SDGs relate to refurbished phones?

Manufacturing Smartphones definitely creates CO2 emissions, which contributes to the climate change. Apple assessed the problem and came up with three approaches to reduce the emissions. In 2019, Apple has received UN Climate Action Awards.

Key Facts

-In the past three years, Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 35%.
-Apple has transitioned to 100% renewable energy for the electricity used at its offices, retail stores and data centres in 43 countries across the world.
-Apple has decreased average product energy use by 70% across all of its major product lines.
-Apple has also partnered with Conservation International to protect and restore a 11,000 hectare mangrove forest in Colombia, which is expected to sequester 1 million tonnes of CO2 over the project’s lifetime.

Furthermore, the benefits that will affect on the environment by getting refurbished products are said to be enormous. Some of the benefits of using the refurbished products are as below.

-Reduce E-waste (Dangers of E-Wastes and Our Smartphones)
-Conserve energy
-Reduce landfill contamination
-Reuse takes less effort than recycle
-Less CO2 emissions

According to the study, our daily household activities can take up two-thirds of the global greenhouse effect. The study also shows that going for refurbishment is ranked at 6th for potential emission cuts in our daily lives.

Why Refurbished iPhone?

In conclusion, We can still choose to follow for glamorous marketing campaigns by many smartphone makers, but there will be consequences to all of us and our children. Supporting refurbished iPhones is one way for individuals can make difference to achieve the SDGs. Learn more about our refurbishment process