Our Story

E-wastages problems are increasingly a threat to our planet and ocean and it will continuously be there with the advancement of technology. The overwhelming amount of electronics is polluting our environment and contaminating our health.

Hence, Genji Hashimoto founded Nagoya-based Revolution LLC to trade in used smartphones and thereafter extended to refurbishing used smartphones, where used smartphones are disassembled and then remanufactured with a combination of good harvested parts and genuine parts.

The remanufactured smartphones will thus have a consistent high quality that is as good as new smartphones and at a much lower cost.

Today, Seibifon has become one of the leading smartphone and iPhone refurbishment shops online offering free delivery in Malaysia including 1 to 1 replacement warranty for all refurbished smartphone and iPhone models.

Browse our refurbished smartphone shop here. Seibifon offers a variety of high quality refurbished smartphone models including iPhone, Huawei, Oppo, and many more.

Giving More For Less

In “Giving More for Less” to its customers, Seibifon adopts a lean and low cost online business model so that Seibifon can pass on any cost savings to its customers while giving them world-class high quality products.

All Seibifon’s remanufactured/refurbished smartphones, including iPhones, carry an industry-leading 6-month one-to-one replacement warranty. Additionally, for a small token sum, customers also have the choice to extend the warranty program for another 6 months.

person refurbishing an iPhone model
Seibifon's founder

Genji Hashimoto
Founder / President of Seibifon Japan

Revolution¹ LLC and Seibifon² aim to deliver Hashimoto-san’s vision and commitment of ‘Giving more for less’. Seibifon’s founder/President Genji Hashimoto started his used/ refurnished business back in 2013 in Nagoya, Japan when he saw two key worrying trends in the handphones/ smartphones market. Revolution LLC’s products are widely distrubuted in Japan and is now available to the public via Seibifon. Seibifon refurbishment shop will first be launched in Malaysia, and thereafter followed by other South East Asian countries to offer high quality refurbished smartphone models.

1. Seibifon the name of the online store of Renew Mobile Japan Sdn Bhd
2. Revolution LLCis based at 2-17-26, Marunouchi, Naka-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


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53.6m tonnes

Estimated electronic waste per year by 2020

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