Discover the features of iOS14

iOS14 has been out for more than 6 months. How many of you has explored its features to a full extent?
In our previous article, iOS and Android are compared briefly. Yes, iOS is simpler than Android, but newer iOS version has much more to offer. Here are why.

1. Back tap (iPhone 8 and later only)
Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and tap “Back Tap”
You can assign an action for Double tap and Triple tap. To trigger the action, simply double or tripe tap at the back of iPhone.

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2. Widget/Smart stack
How to add widget to home screen:
-Tap and hold an empty space on home screen until icons start jiggling.
-Tap” +” in the upper right to open the widget menu, Choose the widget and its size to add.

Smart stack is basically a stack of all the widgets in one place. To make a stack, just press and hold any widget on the home screen and drag& drop on top of another widget You wish to stack.

3. App library
You will find the App library on last page to the right. If you have two pages of home screen, it will appear on the third page. This allows you organize and simplify management of all apps.

4. Hidden home screen
Press and hold an empty area of the home screen. Once started to jiggle, tap the page dot icons right above the dock at the bottom of the home screen. Uncheck any page that you wish to hide.

5. Translate app
This is a pre-installed app for iOS14. This app has useful functions such as text translation, voice translation and dictionary.

6. Sound recognition
Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound recognition and turn on Sound recognition.
Tap “sounds” and turn on what kind of sounds You want iPhone to recognize. You can also switch on/off from the Control Center

7. Control center
It gives you instance access to useful controls.

For iPhones with face ID, swipe down from the top-right edge.
For iPhones with Home button, swipe up from the bottom.

8. Notes
The actions menu has been redesigned in iOS14. Not only You can attach photo and draw in notes but also You can scan, pin/unpin, lock/unlock, delete, share, send a copy of the note. The notes can also recognize shapes you draw.

9. Reminders
In this app, You can manage your schedule by making to-do lists, creating subtasks, attaching photo or scanning documents and many more.

10. Supported Device
According to Apple, iOS14 runs iPhone 6S and newer. so your device does not necessarily have to be the latest model to have these features.

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As you can see, it does not necessarily have to be a latest model to have iOS14. We have a variety of iPhone models now. Please check out our online shop. Walk-ins are always welcome.