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Refurbished/pre-owned smartphone market trend in USA & Japan

According to the recent research, In 2020, 87.4% of Japanese owns smartphones while 94.9% of Americans owns them. In particular, the purchase of preowned/refurbished smartphones in Japan takes up 6.1% of the whole smartphone market. This number has raised slightly but surely every year. On the other hand, 10.4% of Americans goes for the products. […]

Take part in SDGs by supporting refurbished iPhone

What is SDGs? You have probably heard the phrase of “SDGs” from media by now. The SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted by the United Nation in 2015, aiming to end extreme poverty, to provide equality, and to protect the planet by 2030 and pass it forward to next generations. To achieve […]

Android vs. iOS, which is better?

According to the article by a Japanese blogger, there is not much difference in functions if compared with High-end models of Android. In Android, there are so many device options to choose from low-end to high-end models to suit your budgets. Whereas, the iOS compatible devices are only Apple products. Enough debates about the comparison […]

Dangers of E-Wastes and Our Smartphones

What Is E-Wastes Electronic wastes, or e-wastes, refers to any discarded products with a battery or plug. The biggest e-wastes categories are small and large appliances and heating/cooling equipment. According to an e-waste report from 2015 released by the United Nations, global electronic waste has reached record-high levels – of  41.8 million metric tons in […]

Rise of Refurbished Phones: The Emerging global trends in smartphones market.

Refurbished smartphone usage

Years ago, many thought it unthinkable for the refurbished phones market to grow to the size that it has today. By 2013, many were skeptical about the refurbished smartphone market, and the trend was dismissed as a passing fad. Nevertheless, the market continued to grow, and by 2016, it had become a $17 billion global […]

Ultimate Guide To Buying A Refurbished Phone In Malaysia 2020

refurbished smartphone

Considering to buy a refurbished phone in Malaysia in 2020? Or, perhaps you are looking for a cheap iPhone? This is definitely a MUST READ guide for you! Before we begin, below is an excerpt from an article by telecommunication services provider CELCOM of Malaysia: If you’re one of the unlucky smartphone users who always […]

Seibifon Coming to Malaysia coming soon

Revolution LLC, a company originally started since 2013, based in Nagoya, Japan. The business focuses remanufactures/refurbishes used smartphones on a wholesale basis, and now announced the setting up of its first B2C online store in Malaysia – the first of its kind outside Japan. The name Seibifon which derives from the Japanese words “seibi suru” […]

Malaysia’s MCO and post Covid-19 pandemic

In respect of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) instituted since 18th March 2020 and the current Recovery MCO (extension of MCO until end of 2020), Seibifon has decided to postpone all its physical launch events and roadshows until further notice. As such, it will only focus on purely digital online promotional events. Also, Seibifon recognizes […]

Refurbished iPhone Webstore – Seibifon launching in Malaysia.

Seibifon refurnished webstore in Malaysia

Despite the continuing Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia and the expected downturn in the global economy,  Revolution LLC of Japan reaffirms its commitment to launching Seibifon Japan Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. The tentative date for the launch will be not later than October 2020. We will announce the actual date in due time. Revolution […]