Android vs. iOS, which is better?

According to the article by a Japanese blogger, there is not much difference in functions if compared with High-end models of Android. In Android, there are so many device options to choose from low-end to high-end models to suit your budgets. Whereas, the iOS compatible devices are only Apple products.

Enough debates about the comparison between two, however the answer is simple. It will depend on what You expect on your smartphone and what You want to do with it. Here some of features that may help you to determine which OS to go.

Advantages of Android

  • Split screen
    This feature can be used by enabling the split screen mode. This is definitely a helpful feature for those who use the smartphone for work. You can see two apps at a time.
  • Storage upgrade
    This is most probably the largest advantage of Android over iOS since many of Android devices have a slot to insert a micro SD card for additional storage. This feature can easily help you transfer data from one phone to another just by the SD card.
  • Customization
    If You are into customizing your phone, the Android has it. Keyboards, home screen, unlocking method, lock screen, etc. can be customized to your tastes.

Advantages of iOS

  • Airdrop
    Airdrop is a standard feature of iOS where You can share files among iOS devices via Bluetooth. It is very simple to use by selecting the file Your want to share and tapping “Airdrop”.
  • More gadgets and accessories available
    Many case, covers, accessories including Air pods, Apple watches for iOS are available in market.
  • Simple and easy to use
    Less customization can be made on iOS, but this is designed to be used by human’s intuition, so it is very simple to use for beginners.
    Should you encounter any difficulties, You can search in the internet. Most likely, You can find the solution to your problems.
  • Highly secured
    Apps are often used as intrusion media for malwares. Apple store has stricter app developer criteria than Google play store, so there is less chance of downloading fake apps or hacking app. Therefore, iOS is considered more secure OS.

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In conclusion, if You value something simple, safe, stylish and economical for your smartphone, You may also find values in our refurbished iPhones. Perhaps, it is about time to switch your device to iOS. The data on your Android device can be easily transferred to iOS by following the steps.