6 tips and hacks for iPhone

  1. Know IMEI number for your iPhone

When purchasing a refurbished phone, it is important to make sure that the unit You are buying is not blacklisted. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an unique number assigned to individual phone. There are many database sites (some features are paid) to check IMEI status of your phone.


To check your IMEI, Go General > About and look for IMEI or You may check it jut by dialing *#06#.
Rest assured, all of the refurbished iPhones by Seibifon are SIM unlocked with clean IMEI.

2. Force re-start when it crashes

If iPhone is not responding and You can’t even turn it on or off. You may try force re-start.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus :
-Press and hold both the volume down and the power button.
-When the logo appears, release these buttons.

iPhone with Face ID, 8 & 8 Plus, SE(2n Gen) :
-Press and release the volume up button
-Press and release the volume down button
-Press and hold the side button
-When the logo appears, then release the button

If the force re-start does not work for your iPhone, then try DFU (Device firmware Update)

3. What your iPhone knows where you have been

To check, just go Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations
To turn off this feature, Just slide off “Significant Locations” . You can also clear your history of where You’ve been.

4. How to enable a virtual home key

Do you miss having a home button? Maybe, your home button is not working or broken? (All of refurbished iPhones by Seibifon have passed the functional requirements including Home button)
Here is a tip. You can have a virtual home key on the iPhone screen by using the Assistive touch. The step depends on the version of iOS. Setting>Accessibility>Touch>Assistive Touch
Slide on the Assistive Touch, then the Home key will appear on the screen.

5. Know the models supported by the latest iOS

As of today, the latest iOS14 is compatible with iPhone 6S and above models. It is important to know if the second hand/Refurbished iPhone model that You are buying is compatible to the latest iOS update to enjoy the features of it.
To check the current iOS version on your iPhone, simply go General>About

6. Utilize the Shortcuts

Shortcuts is a default iPhone app since iOS13. This feature can automatically run the complicate tasks at once by combining each function that this app supports into one task. This is most useful app of all time.

For instance, below tasks can be carried out by just one tap.
-Get directions to your appointment on the calendar
-Send the estimated arrival time message to your family members
-Set reminders
-Post photos on any social media
-Post multiple hashtags
-many more

Of course, the shortcuts app can be used with our Refurbished iPhone by Seibifon. Now it is your time to enjoy and discover many more things about iPhone.